Conversion of data into information and vice versa is called data processing. This data process outsourcing requires a high level of accuracy, timely deliveries, and total confidentiality. Many Companies employ Contact Centers for obtaining data and information about a particular product or a service or simply for product market research then it is termed as data process outsourcing.

Data process outsourcing is an essential ingredient for market research whereby Companies gather data from the customers of a particular class or section of society. This raw data is converted into desired information, known as output. The output is inferred through the systematic conversion of raw data to analyze and reach to a proper conclusion.

Business ventures derive immense advantage from this information, as this information is the result of proper marketing research. It is this information based on facts and figures which helps Company to reach to the desired conclusion because based on this information, a product or service is put into or withdrawn from the market.

Data processing is a must because it helps the Company to reach to a proper conclusion, and based on this information only, the Company decides up on the near future strategic activities, both related to marketing and finance.

There are certain steps for data process outsourcing. These include:

Data Editing: Data collection is the result of hard work. It has to be accumulated and then processed in such a way so that the relevance of data is known. With proper data accumulation and its subsequent editing based on client’s specifications, data is made relevant for deriving a conclusion. Relevant information is extracted and the inappropriate information is discarded.

Data Coding: Information gathered is all in an improper manner. It has to be coded according to the specifications and then tabulated or bar-graphed so that it gets easier to comprehend it after grouping it into codes.

Data Entry: A cross-examination of data is particularly very necessary to double-check the data for its relevance in the entry-codes. With the help of pre-designed software and accuracy in data entry, the relevance of information is derived.

Quality: Check Proper validity of the data is very necessary for any information to be implemented. Therefore double Quality-check makes data process outsourcing almost absolutely correct.

Data assortment: Final step of data entry is an assortment of data into a tabular or graphical form, depending on the data received and edited. After proper data assortment, the data processing activity is complete and is ready for outsourcing.

Data Process Outsourcing makes the Company reach the desired conclusion, scientifically and accurately after thorough market research.

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